2015 Banda Aceh Build a Fly Over

banda aceh flyoverBanda Aceh city government will construct flyovers at Simpang Surabaya. The project is began working 2015. Construction of the flyover was conducted to solve traffic jam at peak hours and during the disaster evacuation.

It was announced by the Mayor of Banda Aceh, Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal SE at a press conference in the mayor’s conference room on Wednesday (19/11) yesterday. Construction of the flyover, said Illiza, will use state funds estimated at Rp 240 billion.

She expects the first flyover in the province of Aceh is to be completed within three years. “We’re going to build it in three stages. The first phase will be conducted in 2015 with a budget of 20 billion rupiah, “said Illiza.

Illiza explained, flyovers will be built from Chik Ditiro Tgk Street exactly in front of the Gedung Social, Gampong Ateuk Pahlawan, until Tgk imum Lueng Bata Street region Lamseupeng Gampong. Flyovers were built two lines reached 850.954 meters in length, 17.5 meters wide and 5.4 meters high.
The Mayor, accompanied by a number of other Banda Aceh Government officials, on the occasion said, the construction of flyovers Simpang Surabaya will not interfere with the activity of trade in the region.

“Trading activity in the shopping area along the flyovers this will still be running as usual. Because there are still the rest of the land between two to four meters from the wall of the building, “said Illiza.

According to the mayor, now, it is processing the payment of compensation to the 52 parcels of land parcels 67 residents affected by the construction of the flyover. Listed about 75 percent of the land owners have submitted files such as land certificates, and had agreed with the land price set by the government.

“While the other or remaining in the process of collecting materials. The acquired land per meter 3 million dollars. For land acquisition, expected to be completed later this year because it uses APBK 2014 approximately 10 billion dollars, “said Illiza.

In addition to build a flyover at Simpang Surabaya, Banda Aceh Government is trying to order the construction of an underpass that connects Beurawe to Kuta Alam (next to Hermes Mall to Kuta Alam Mosque), can also be implemented in 2015.

According to the Head of Department of Public Works (PU) Banda Aceh, Gusmeri MT, with the underpass, the driver of the direction of Ulee Kareng can directly go to Kuta Alam without having to rotate the direction of the Road T Hasan Dek. Likewise, the people of Kuta Alam does not have to turn around in front of the BPD Jambo Tape if you want to Ulee Kareng.

“Banda Aceh Government is pursuing the construction of underpasses auctioning Center. So it can all be done with a fly over Simpang Surabaya in 2015. As for the development of land is enough and do not need public land acquisition, “said Gusmeri.

The construction of this underpass, he added, would not interfere with existing road from Simpang Surabaya to Simpang Jambo Tape. The length of the underpass about 200 meters, and its width is adapted to the conditions of the roads. “Underpass will be excavated in the middle just to build the tunnel, while the left side remains right path of Ulee Kareng to Simpang Surabaya and from Simpang Jambo Tape to Ulee Kareng , “explained Gusmeri.