Aceh Already have an Eggs Tray Factory

eggs tray plant
BANDA ACEH – Aceh now has a manufacturing container/eggs tray, which is located in Meureu, Indra Puri, Aceh Besar. The factory has been officially operating since last month.

Construction of the factory itself began in 2013, starting with the construction of the building. In 2014, the program continued with the procurement of printing machines. The raw material used is pulp from waste cardboard.
“The engine we have held this year, and has been operating since last month,” said Head of Industry and Trade of Aceh, Safwan, accompanied by Head of SME (Small and Medium Industry), Iskandar, told reporters while visiting the factory, Wednesday (5/11).

According to Iskandar, the idea of the construction of this plant was originally based on the growth of the industry began laying hens in Aceh Besar, especially in Indrapuri and Jantho. Department of Animal Health and Livestock Aceh Aceh suggested that need to build an eggs tray manufacturing plant, considering that the egg tray needs highly dependent on the supply from North Sumatra.

“The proposal was welcomed by Mr. Governor and on meeting forum, The governor asked the Department of Industry and Trade of Aceh create these program.

Funds used for the construction of this plant comes from the APBA, nearly Rp 2 billion. Consisting of Rp 780 million for the construction of buildings and Rp 1.06 billion for the procurement of imported machinery made in China via Singapore.

Meanwhile, for the management, the official hand over to a group of victims of conflict in Aceh. Safwan said, this program is part of the administration or the creation of employment opportunities for conflict affected communities.

“We are very hopeful, after delivery and operation a month ago, the plant can continue to produce so that it can meet the needs of container for industrial egg laying hens in Aceh Besar and surrounding areas,” said Safwan.
During this time, the need for a container of eggs (egg tray) supplied from Medan, North Sumatra (North Sumatra). Per kepingnya sold for USD 450 to 500. denganRp Well, containers of eggs produced in the plant is sold for less Indrapuri, which is only Rp 400 per chip.

According to Safwan, the price was quite economical, especially raw materials cardboard in Aceh quite a lot, which is sold at Rp 1,500 per kilogram. Thus, according to him, the opportunity to profit is also quite large.
“All the tricks of marketing management we leave it entirely to the group of beneficiaries who manages the plant,” he added.

It hoped manejerial management professionally done, so expect the plant can continue to grow and can increase the number of existing molding machine