Aceh Barat’s Energy Sector, Attracts Chinese Investment

A group of Chinese investors held talks with the Aceh Barat district administration on Friday as part of their preparations to invest in the district’s energy and mining sector.

“The Aceh Barat district administration warmly welcomes the audience team of Chinese investors who will invest in Aceh Barat district. May this meeting be a good start for the development of investment in Aceh Barat district,” Aceh Barat district head Ramli MS said here on Friday.

He said the district government is very open to domestic and foreign investment.

However, the investors must have good accountability and credibility, as this would ensure their investment can have an impact on the economy and development in Aceh Barat, he added.

The flow of investments will create more jobs for local residents, he said.

“The investments must be able to absorb local workers, so they can reduce the unemployment rate in the district,” he added.

He invited PT Mayvision Indonesia as the audience facilitator along with a representative of a Chinese company planning to invest in the district to observe and survey the natural resource potential of its land.