Aceh Cocoa Cooperative Receives Rp3 Billion in Support

BANDA ACEH – Ten cocoa cooperatives in Aceh have been granted Rp3 billion in capital support from the Aceh Economic Development Financing Facility (AEDFF) Program. The head of Aceh Provincial Development Planning Agency, Iskandar, said the capital was part of the Aceh Cocoa Program which is run by the ActionAid Australia (AAA) – Keumang Foundation.

The program was also part of AEDFF, which is fully funded by the Multi Donor Fund (MDF) with supervision from the World Bank and the government. The capital disbursed to the cooperatives also involved Bank Syariah Mandiri as the fund saver and the cooperatives management guide.

The Aceh Cocoa Program is expected to be completed by August.

Aceh’s cocoa potential continues to increase with local cocoa production reaching 87,000 tons in 2010. The high production is expected to be enjoyed by producer farmers and not just large-scale businessmen.

Source: ADI WARSIDI/Tempo Interactive