Aceh Exports 10 Tons of Tuna to Saudi Arabia

Acting Governor of Aceh, Achmad Marzuki, released the first export of 10 tons of Loin and Pocket tuna to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This activity was carried out at PT Yakin Pacific Tuna Warehouse, Samudera Lampulo Fishery Port Area, Banda Aceh, Wednesday (19/7/2023).

The first export release activity was also attended by Member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR, TA Khalid, Head of Aceh Fisheries Office, Aliman Head of Aceh Industry and Trade Office, Mohd Tanwir, Karo Adpim Muhammad Rahmadin and other related elements.

The release of the 10 tons of tuna exports began with an inspection of the container trucks, followed by sealing by the Acting Governor of Aceh.

Achmad Marzuki in his brief speech hoped that tuna exports would be sustainable, and not just incidental. In fact, not only the intensity but also the volume of exports continues to be increased. “Of course with maintained quality, so that the trust in the eyes of foreign buyers will continue to improve,” concluded Achmad Marzuki.

Director of Yakin Pacific Tuna Banda Aceh, Almer Hafiz Sandy said, the export of 10 tons of fish was an achievement for his party. He said the fish factory managed by his party in the Lampulo area of Banda Aceh complies with international standards.

“We can already export to various countries in the world, such as Japan, America and the European Union,” said Almer.

Almer said that the export activity was successful thanks to the collaboration with the start-up Aruna, which opened a network to find buyers abroad.

“There are only a few export licenses to Saudi Arabia in Indonesia, and we are very proud to have obtained these permits so that we can do our first export today,” said Almer.

According to Almer, Aceh is a rich province with marine and fishery potential. Even very valuable export. However, this potential is still very minimal based on the fish production produced by fishermen.

“Therefore, we hope that the government through the Fisheries Service can increase the capacity of Acehnese fishermen,” said Almer. []