Aceh has Rich Source of Electrical Energy from Water

ACEH RELIANCE of electricity from North Sumatra is very large, reaching 241 megawatts (MW) or 72 percent of the peak load of 332 MW. This means that Aceh only could generate their own electricity by 28 percent or 91 MW of the total required by the community.

According to data from the Department of Irrigation Aceh, many rivers in Aceh that could potentially generate electrical energy source. There are 124 sites that have been in the data and can generate 5,875 MW. From 124’s location, 64 locations can generate 4,551 MW of energy using technology river system (RES) by building a dam. While 60 more locations could generate 1,324 MW of electric power, run-of-river (ROR) by placing the dynamo at the mouth of the river water flowing.

Head of Department of Irrigation Aceh, Ir Syamsurizal, said that two ways it has been implemented in this area. But, for a small capacity as mini-hydro electric power generating 1-2 MW at most in Gayo Lues and Aceh Tenggara. As for the capacity of a relatively large electric power exists in the Krueng Peusangan, Bireuen-Central Aceh. Now, the project is in progress. When its completed can generate electric power of about 40-80 MW.

In addition there are many more Peusangan Krueng Aceh river that can generate electricity. Among them, the Mereudu river has 17m3/sec is expected to generate 62.60 MW of electrical power. Jambo Aye, North Aceh reached 72.12 m3/sec can produce 192 MW, and the Tampur river, Aceh Tamiang reached 99.35 m3/sec can produce 427 MW. While in the Central region, there is Lawe Alas river water discharge of 50m3/sec, can produce 268 MW of electricity.