Aceh is a very Potential Market on Tupperware Business

tupperwareACEH Province is a very potential market for running a Tupperware business. With the current high level of honesty in business and was considered a great potential to develop Tupperware business in Aceh.

It was announced by Marketing Support Officer of PT Tupperware Indonesia, Maeger Dwi Laksono in the event of Tupperware ‘Opportunity Hour’ with the theme “Changing the lives of women and their families become better” at Mekkah Hotel, Banda Aceh, Friday (28/11).

“Women in Aceh have a very good character, Acehnese women also have a high level of honesty in business. Thus we see, Aceh is a potential market for developing Tupperware business, “said Maeger. Maeger hope, Tupperware business is more advanced in Aceh at the future. He admitted, currently there are 260 thousand nationally Indonesian woman that joined the Tupperware business that is present in Indonesia since 1992.