Charity Night Aceh for Somalia

Rafli with Kande

BANDA ACEH – Charity Night for Somalia which was held in Banda Aceh succeed to collect donations amount Rp24 million on Saturday (22/10). Rafli with Kande also enlivened the event.

The funds collected were from Aceh Government Rp. 5 million which was presented by the General Administration Assistant III Ridwan Hassan. PT Andesmon Sakti donate Rp 10 million, Sabang Zone Development Agency Rp 2.5 million, Government of Sabang City Rp 1 million, and Head of Department of Labor and Population Mobility Rp 1 million.

In addition to the donations, the fundraising committee for Somalia also sell t-shirts. From this T-shirt raised $ 1 million. While the charity box which was circulated for visitors Cafe Haba raised USD 3.5 million.

All donations will be distributed to Muslim Somalia who were hit by famine due to food crisis. Ikatan Alumni Timur Tengah (IKAT) or Association of Middle East Alumni in collaboration with the Kaskus Regional Aceh (Regional Atjeh Movement – RATM).

Assistant III Government of Aceh Ridwan Hassan in his speech to invite people of Aceh to participate ease the burden of suffering experienced by Muslim Somalia.

Regional Leader RATM, Chairul Munadi said the fund-raiser was held as a form of concern for the people of Aceh to the food crisis that hit Somalia. The food crisis is causing more than 10,000 residents died Somalia.

Citing data reported by the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Somalia Union, Chairul said, the four million population continues to suffer hunger and 750 thousand of them at risk of dying “in the next four months if no help,” said Chairul.

The visitors Cafe Haba look almost cried when watching a short film featuring photos and video about the famine in Somalia. In the film the children seen in thin-dry conditions of starvation.

Acehnese singer, Rafly, invites people of Aceh to continue to mobilize aid for Somalia. “Action must be sympathetically carried out continuously,” he said.

Rafly sang the song, accompanied by his band of five, Kande. Among the songs that is able to hypnotize visitors with Sah Tuboh and Asai Nanggroe song.