Gayo`s Bener Meriah Coffee Harvest Festival held in November

The Semarak Gayo Alas Mountain International (GAMI) Festival 2018 is set to further promote one of Aceh’s main tourist attractions with its main event; Bener Meriah Coffee Harvest Festival of 2018.

Taking the theme of preserving tradition, the event is scheduled to take place from November 19 to November 21 at the Rembelele Village and Seladang Café located at the Bener Meriah District.

The Aceh Tradition and Tourism Agency acting head Amiruddin said that the coffee harvest will be held as planned. “The event will involve local residents, coffee communities, and the Bener Meriah Administration, in presenting attractive events,” said Amiruddin in Banda Aceh on Tuesday.

The coffee festival will be held in conjunction with the region’s coffee grand harvest period. “Visitors can witness first-hand the area’s coffee harvest,” he said.

Events such as coffee farm fashion show, women and entrepreneur, coffee and photography, coffee and the past, coffee sorting session, and bazars, will be ready to entertain tourists that plan to spend their holidays there.