Job Fair Offer 6,066 Jobs Abroad

jobfairBANDA ACEH – The Job Fair for vacancies abroad officially opened, Thursday (13/11). There are as many as 6,066 job opportunities offered, including vacancies for paramedics as many as 400 people.

Director of Mapping and Harmonization Quality Overseas Workers (TKLN) BNP2TKI, Rosalina Sunityo Elijah, saying, thousands of job among others are in the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. “As soon as end December 2014 to be placed,” he said.

In addition to the paramedics, the labor required, among others, engineers, civil construction services engineering, welder, drivers, electrical and mechanical, field nurse, oil and gas, manufacturing, and plantations.
He explained that the job is derived from job order (the demand for labor from overseas users) who received extra tight control of the government. All foreign labor demand is destined to the formal sector, both semi skill and skill.

“We will facilitate the wishes of the people who want to work abroad, so the unemployment rate in the country could be reduced,” he said.

This Job Fair which as cooperation programs between Directorate of Mapping and Harmonization of Quality (TKLN) BNP2KI with the Government of Aceh was held at Hermes Palace Mall, Beurawe. Scheduled to last until Friday (14/11) today. Opening yesterday carried out by expert staff Aceh Governor of Governance, Drs Zulkifli Ahmad MM.