Merchant ship leaves Aceh for Andaman of India

A merchant ship loaded with agricultural commodities and products from the Indonesian province, left for the Andaman Nicobar islands of India on Saturday.

Head of the Policy Development and Study Board (BPPK) of the Foreign Ministry Siswono Pramono symbolically saw off the ship at the port of Malahayati, Krueng Raya, in the district of Aceh Besar.

Indian Consul General for northern Sumatra Shalia Shah, and provincial officials and business leaders members of the provincial branch of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) also attended the ceremony.

The BPPK chief Siswono Pramono said the departure of the merchant ship constituted an implementation of maritime cooperation between Indonesia and India

“The departure of the ship develop connectivity between Indonesia and India through Aceh and Andaman in trade,” Siswono Pramono said.

Before the ship left the port , the foreign ministry carried out an initial study and has meetings to follow up the maritime cooperation agreement.

A number of stakeholders and business people from Aceh and Andaman Nicobar took part in the meetings.

“We hope cooperation between Indonesia and India through Aceh and the Andaman Nicobar islands would expand to contribute to the economy of the two countries,” Siswono Pramono said.

Indonesia has pushed for Indo-Pacific cooperation between rim countries of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

President Joko Widido, addressing the the recent East Asia Summit (EAS) plenary session in Singapore that the Indo-Pacific Cooperation Concept puts emphasis on several principles, including cooperation, instead of rivalry, inclusiveness, transparency and openness as well as respect for international law.