National Coffee Campaign Enlivens Industry Amid Pandemic

According to the Ministry of Industry, the coffee farmers in Aceh Province reported that the value of coffee originating from the region dropped nearly 50 percent.

The ministry’s records show that coffee beans from Aceh were previously traded at Rp10,000 per bamboo (wet selling price) but are now priced at Rp5,800.

The economic impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was not just felt by coffee farmers as the Industry Ministry said that cafes in Aceh are also suffering from sales surge.

To overcome this situation and preventing further damages caused by the prolonged pandemic, the Ministry of Industry has partnered with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, e-commerce Tokopedia, and local coffee industries collectively initiated a campaign dubbed the #SatuDalamKopi (united in coffee).

The hashtag movement is meant to promote domestic coffee that is hoped to continue moving the economy. “In the end, this campaign will affect the coffee industry and all of its chain of supplies,” said the minister.

The national campaign #SatuDalamKopi will be held from April 20-April 26, 2020, in Tokopedia which will involve nearly 1,200 coffee businesses nationwide.