Prayers for Aceh Tsunami Victims

Banda Aceh – Hundreds of the 2004 Aceh tsunami victims prayed together yesterday over the mass grave in Ulee Lheu and Lambaro, Aceh Besar, where 200,000 people who did not survive the disaster were buried. “I don’t know where my family is buried, but I pray for them,” said Hasnah, 38, from Punge, Banda Aceh.

The peak event in memory of the Aceh tsunami victims took place in Ulee Lheu Harbor Compound. Participants listened to the speeches of Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring, the Aceh Governor and the Deputy Governor.

In Lampulo, Banda Aceh, residents also held a joint memorial prayer by the grounded electricity barge, swept onshore by the tsunami, where it remains as a reminder of the tragic event six years ago. Adi Warsidi