Sabang Reopens Tourist Destinations

The administration of Sabang city has allowed water transportation and tourist destinations to start operations again, subject to several requirements.

Bahru Fikri, the administration’s general affairs and public relations head, said the decision was based on a circular issued by Sabang’s deputy mayor on the regulation of transportation and tourist activities related to the city’s COVID-19 mitigation.

Bahru added that the city’s residents should undergo a medical check-up at the port before traveling from Sabang. Those who live outside Sabang are required to bring health letters from hospitals, community health centers (Puskesmas) or other health authorities.

People from outside of Aceh with a travel history to regions where local transmission occurred have to bring COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test results attesting to their negative status.

Additionally, civil servants, Indonesian Military (TNI) personnel and National Police officers working in Sabang should bring work identification letters from their institutions. The same policy applies to private-sector workers and employees of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and region-owned enterprises who work in Sabang.

“Round trip fast boats and RoRo [roll-on-roll-off] ferries operate once daily and limit the number of passengers on board to 50 percent of the maximum capacity,” Bahru told “We also enforce health protocols.”

Tourist destinations in Sabang have taken preventive measures, such as requiring people to wear face masks, providing public handwashing facilities and temperature guns. The same preventive measures are applied at Sabang hotels, along with daily disinfection.