Sail Sabang 2017 Promotes Acehnese Coffee, Traditional Dishes

A barista shows freshly roasted Arabica coffee. Gayo Arabica coffee originating from central Aceh is among the most sought-after variants for coffee lovers in Indonesia. Gayo coffee accounts for more than 1,800 of the world’s total of 2,500 coffee variants. (The Jakarta Post/Hotli Simanjuntak)

One of the most popular items at the Sail Sabang 2017 is coffee as evidenced from coffee houses located in Tugu Garuda area, the heart of Sabang, that has been serving guests for 24 hours.

One of the world’s most famous coffee producers, the province is known for its two coffee varieties: Ulee Kareng and Gayo.

The former is robusta coffee from Ulee Kareng district, whilst Gayo is an arabica coffee.

Gayo is considered by the world as a premium coffee drink, while Ulee Kareng coffee is available at almost every coffee shop in Banda Aceh.

Acehnese black coffee is the most popular drink in the region.

Additionally, Acehnese coffee dominates 40 percent of the domestic market.

Other than coffee, Sail Sabang 2017 also helps popularize traditional dishes, such as mie aceh, nasi kari, sate gurita, sayur pliek U and kue karra.

“We are happy as we welcome so many guests and our income increases. This kedai [eatery] is never empty,” said Kedai de Sagoe Kuphie caretaker Hasan.

Similar thing was also said by Dian, whom for the past two days had been hired as a tour guide in his hometown.

“I bring guests from Jakarta to see Sail Sabang; alhamdulillah I receive so many orders from Sail Sabang,” told Dian.