Samsung IT Learning Center for Indonesia Aceh

Banda Aceh – In completion of the relief aid for the post-tsunami Aceh in 2004, Samsung Electronics officially signed away Samsung IT Learning Center to the people of Aceh. The handover was represented by Banda Aceh Mayor Mawardy Nurdin.

“The development of Samsung IT Learning Center is the continuation of the building of seven public schools which had been handed in by July and October last year,” said Samsung Electronics Indonesia President Director Yoon Sung Chul today, Nov 25, in Banda Aceh.

The program, he said, helped rebuild seven secondary schools and Samsung IT Learning Center at the aftermath of the great tsunami which thumped Aceh. The assistance will also aim at the management for the next one year.

“We promise that the fund aid will be fully disbursed to the people of Aceh,” said Gino I Latief, Mitra Mandiri Foundation Executive Director.

The aided schools are located in Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Aceh Pidie, South Nias and Simeulue.

The construction of Samsung IT Learning Center is still underway. The building stands on a 2,600 square meter land and is located at Jalan Imam Bonjol, Banda Aceh.

Sumber: VivaNews