Tasting Durian in Aceh Village

Visitors of Ie Lhob Village in Southwest Aceh Regency are presented with the experience of tasting durian directly from its plantation.

“The durian harvest season can be part of tourism. The durian enthusiasts can buy and taste durian directly from the plantation,” said M Ali, Ie Lhob Village Chief, in Blangpidie on Saturday, November 17, 2018.

According to Ali, the durian that grows in his village is not only popular with local residents but also in North Sumatra. “These durians are marketed to North Sumatra through agents who buy directly during harvest season,” Ali said.

The durian harvest, according to Ali, has a positive impact on the income of the local community. “Since the past week, the villagers have been busy cleaning the garden in the mountain area and making simple huts, where they shelter while waiting for the durian to fall from the tree,” Ali said.