Two Large Projects in Sabang Failed

TWO major projects are planned to be built in the town of Sabang, which is a component of the solar cell factory and geothermal power plants in Jaboi, until now has not been realized. Geothermal project Jaboi, there’s even the tender winner, but the project was not well done.

Related plan component of the solar cell plant, said Fauzi Husin, this project is hampered because of the absence of a cargo ship that sailed directly from Korea and Singapore to Sabang. Ship transport pathways available heretofore item, from Korea to Singapore. Then from Singapore to Belawan, North Sumatra. No shipping cargo ship directly from Singupura to Sabang.

“If should from Belawan first, they (the Korean company) dont want it. Because they have to deal anymore over there, including the cost as well. If from Singapore directly to the Sabang they do not need to pay anymore, “said Fauzi.

Letters contract development cooperation component of the solar cell factory was signed by Head BPKS, Fauzi Husin and Director Edu Mirae Energy Co. Ltd., Han Seung SIK, witnessed by the Governor of Aceh Zaini Abdullah, in Banda Aceh, November 26, 2012. And the construction of the solar cell plant components Sabang, should begin in early January 2013. The value of the investment reached 12.5 million US dollars.

Edu team Mirae Energy Co. Ltd. also has visited Sabang to see the location of of the factory. The cooperation between BPKS and Edu Mirae Energy, will create in a company named PT Sabang Mirae Energy. The company that will operationalize all investment activities in Sabang, including marketing its products throughout Aceh and other parts of Indonesia.

Geothermal Power Plant
Meanwhile the construction of a geothermal power plant in Jaboy, District Sukajaya, Sabang has not been implemented. Originally, the project tender has won by PT Sabang Geothermal Energy (SGE) in 2009 it has been realized.

“But the problem now projects that have been tendered will end his contract, while the development plan has not been seen. Yes if you want to continue development should be re-tendered, “said Fauzi.