Unable to Apply UMP, Employer Requested Ask Suspension

money dealBANDA ACEH – Head of the Department of Labor and Population Mobility (Disnakermobduk) Aceh, Ir Helfizar Ibrahim MM, appealed to the leaders of private companies, state enterprises, enterprises, cooperatives, non-governmental organizations and other businesses, to apply for suspension of payment of Wages Minimum Province (UMP) in 2015 amounted to Rp 1.9 million, if it was unable to pay the wages of the workers according UMP.

“If by the end of this year nobody applied for suspension of payment of salary up to the UMP, it is considered that all the companies in Aceh could pay the salary of Rp 1.9 million per month,” said Ibrahim Helfizar, Tuesday (11/11).

Accompanied by the Head of Department of Industrial Relations and Social Security on Dismobnakerduk Aceh, Hasballah SH, Helfizar mention, for suspension of the application of the UMP submitted to the Governor of Aceh through the Aceh Disnakermobduk or regent / mayor and Manpower district / city.

“Application for suspension of payment of the UMP was submitted to the Dinaskermobduk Aceh or district / city, and will be forwarded to the governor and regent/mayor,” said Hasballah.

He said the Governor of Aceh has set UMP Aceh in 2014 to Rp 1.9 million, or Rp 76 thousand per day. That figure is the lowest wage or safety net for lower-class workers. Terms of payment of minimum wages, shall be adhered to the entrepreneurs in Aceh.

Currently, added Hasballah, the company was and continues to disseminate the UMP to all entrepreneurs in Aceh, through the labor offices districts / cities, including providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to apply for suspension of the application until the end of 2014’s UMP.