Vice Governor of Aceh Inaugurating Senubung Airport

Working visit of the Vice Governor of Aceh to Galus, in addition to opening mass saman dance performances at Seribu Bukit Stadium, Galus, also marked the inauguration of Senubung Airport, Blangkejeren. At the airport, Vice Governor of Aceh and his entourage were greeted Regent Galus Ibn Hashim and all officers in its ranks, including elements of the Regional Leadership Forum Coordination (Forkorpimda).

There are two planes that landed at the Senubung airport, Monday, November 24, 2014. The first is Susi Air plane carrying 16 passengers were members of the House of Representatives from Aceh flight from Kuala Namu Airport, North Sumatra and subsequent MAV aircraft carrying Vice Governor of Aceh that takeoff from Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport (SIM) Blangbintang at 10:00 am and landed smoothly at the airport at 10.45 pm Senubung.

In the SIM-Senubung inaugural flight, accompanied by Vice Governor of Aceh Aceh Kadisbudpar Reza Fahlevi, Head of Planning Agency Karim Abubakar, Kadisdik Anas M Adam, and Staff Development and Foreign Expert Taqwallah.

After following the above procession peusijuek peremian Senubung Airport, Deputy Governor and his entourage accompanied by Regent Gayo Lues go directly to the Thousand Hill Stadium to open the mass saman dance performance and delivery of duplicate certificate of Unesco.

Other activities were carried out in a series of mass saman dance performances in Galus is an exhibition of historic objects Gayo and seminars on the origins of culture Gayo.