Aceh farmers study agriculture technology in Thailand

Banda Aceh – Aceh`s provincial Food Crops Affairs Office has sent six farmers to Thailand to learn agricultural technology at the Radjamanggala Technology University for several days, a local administration spokesman said.

“The agriculture and technology learning is focused on knowledge transfer and development of crop cultivation of fruits, like mango, citrus and horticulture,” the Rumoh Aceh International foundation program manager Muhammad Subhan said here on Saturday.

Aceh`s provincial Food Crops affairs office was cooperating with the Rumoh Aceh International foundation in sending the farmers to Thailand.

According to Subhan, the farmers studied the theory of agriculture, provided with practical and field visits in several agricultural sites in Thailand.

They will study agriculture and technology until August 2, 2011, Subhan said, adding that after returning home the six farmers could transfer their knowledge to other Aceh farmers.

The six farmers` opportunity to study in Thailand was a follow up of the visit made by Aceh Governor Irwandi Yusuf`s special envoys, namely Kartiwi Daud and Fauzi Umar to Thailand last February.

On the occasion, the governors` envoys met with the Indonesian consul in Songkhla Heru Wicaksono.

“Wicaksono then hailed the Aceh governor`s idea to accelerate the progress of the agricultural sector by sending farmers to study in Thailand,” Subhan said.

It is expected that Aceh can make a breakthrough in its agricultural development such as Thailand and Malaysia have been able to achieve to the benefit of their peoples.

If the agricultural sector was managed in an integrated way, including agro-industry, it was not impossible that Aceh would play a major role in the nation`s progress in the future, Subhan said.

Source: ANTARA