Sabang gears up for Sail Sabang 2017

Sabang town in Aceh is currently in preparation for the upcoming Sail Sabang 2017 that will be held from Nov 28 – Dec 5.

“Our focus for this event is on tourism development, Sail Sabang 2017 will be filled with plenty of different activities as well as cultural and dance performances. President Joko Widodo is set to attend this event,” said Aceh tourism department head, Reza Pahlevi.

Reza said that the opening night will have the performance of Laksamana Malahayati colossal dance. Malahayati herself is female admiral from Aceh, then followed by the showcasing of Pemuda Nusantara boat, Baruna Jaya IV and Baruna Jaya VIII research ships, a convoy of 100 Sail Sabang 2017 yachts with participants coming from Langkawi, Phuket, Singapore, Australia, Europe and traditional fisherman boats parade.

“There are still other supporting events such as Science and Technology Jambore, International Free Diving Competition, Sabang Underwater Contest, Sabang Carnival, Aceh Culinary and Coffee Fesitval, Sabang Wonderful Expo and Marine Expo, Cruise Operator and Yacht Sales Mission and marine tourism workshop,” added Reza.

With the theme “Sabang towards the Gate of World Marine Tourism Destination,” Sail Sabang 2017 will also feature Pesona Indonesia performances, fishing competition, drone video and photo competition, welcome dinner, Banda Aceh city tour, social service and beach cleanup.

Furthermore, two Landing Platform Dock (LPD) ships that are the NAVY mini mother ships called KRI dr. Suharso and KRI Banda Aceh will depart from Jakarta on November 20 to Sabang, with one taking the Sumatra west coast route while the other one taking the Sumatra east cost route. These ships will board Indonesian youths who are going to do health service and CSR for residents of small islands.

Two barquentine ships namely KRI Dewaruci and KRI Bima Suci will also take part in the festivity, Dewaruci will sail from Jakarta and Bima Suci will sail from Spain, joining it are other barquentine ships from other countries such as India, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

“On land, there will be off-road cars from Indonesian Off Road Federation (IOF) that will travel from Jakarta, whilst in the sky, there will be performances from TNI AU Aerobatic Jupiter Team and skydiving from TNI AD (national army), TNI AL (NAVY) and TNI AU (air force). Meanwhile, the health service will be conducted by TNI AD, AL and AU medical teams,” Reza said.

“All of the activities at Sail Sabang 2017 will be showcased in a short video that will be played during the festival’s finale in Sabang on December 2,” he added.

In addition, seven floating net cages and modern offshore aquacultures consisting of millions of baby fishes from the ministry of maritime affairs and fisheries will be officiated in Sabang. The science and technology community which will bring the Baruna Jaya VIII research ship will hold an open ship and seminar at Gapang tourist area.

Prior to Sail Sabang 2017, the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) will hold a Sail Sabang seminar on October 5. Other ministries are also contributing to the festival, such as the transportation ministry which will provide five ferries that cater the Banda Aceh –Sabang route and 28 busses that will be stationed in Sabang.

The ministry of public works and housing will take care of clean water, toilet and sidewalk facilities around the location for the final night, while the ministry of state-owned businesses will send its CSR using LPD KRI dr. Suharso and KRI Banda ships to remote areas for medical and social services.